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Donations Update: 100M Mask Mayday

May 16, 2020
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At the beginning of the pandemic we marshalled The Design Corps to manufacture inventive personal protection equipment (PPE). Using first-rate materials, an army of researchers, designers makers and creators, CDC requirements, 3D printers and sewing machines we have crafted personal protective equipment.

As the pandemic rages on, the LatinX, Black, LGBTQ+, Indigenous, Filipino, Indian, Asian, Women, Disabled, Aging and Veteran communities are dying of Covid-19 at alarming rates. When data is available, it shows that under-represented minorities are dying of the coronavirus disease at rates far higher than white Americans.

In New York City, our home city, Hispanic people are dying at the highest rate. Nearly 34 percent of the deaths in New York City are of Hispanic residents, who make up 29 percent of the population. Black New Yorkers, who represent about 22 percent of the city’s population, make up about 28 percent of the deaths. In Chicago, more than 70 percent of the deaths related to the coronavirus were among black residents, though black residents make up only a third of the city’s population. In Michigan, black residents make up just 14 percent of the population, but over 40 percent of the Covid-19 deaths.

We believe our communities deserve better and the design corps was made for this moment.

Here’s what DesignedByUs.org is doing about it:

  1. Organized a COVID19 Design Corps, a global network of grassroots PPE Makers.
  2. Launched an 100M Mask Mayday Design Brief
  3. Launched a PPE Marketplace at Store.DesignedByUs.org
  4. Launched a PPE Certification System that ensures quality of PPE
  5. Developed a PPE Donee Request System (See Below)
  6. Launched #ProtectedWeRise Program Buy 1, We Donate 2
  7. Launched #EssentialProfessionals Program For Business Buy 1, We Donate 2
  8. Launched an open source PPE Donee Database
  9. Developed local supply chains for manufacturing materials and PPE Donations.

The COVID19 Design Corps & Studio Program

Led by apprentices, volunteers and distinguished designers the Design Corp launched the 100 Million Mask Mayday studio program. The 100M Mask Mayday is a S.T.E.A.M.D. program that educates Corps members that are sheltering in place, how to design, manufacture, market and distribute high quality, sustainable personal protective equipment in a viable, social benefit business model. The studio program has expanded to include IoT, 3D Print & Sewing studios in Hawaii, New York, California and Texas.

If you are interested in joining the studio program as a mask maker:

  1. Enlist in the Design Corps, select 100M Mask Mayday
  2. Attend a 100M Mask Mayday Briefing Via Zoom
  3. Begin designing masks, face shields, filters and ventilator parts.
  4. Register your home studio, certify and sell PPE at Store.DesignedByUs.org
  5. Launched the Breathe3D brand of 3D Printed sustainable, respirator masks, filters and shields.
  6. Fulfill PPE (mask, shield, filters and ventilator parts ) orders direct from home.
  7. Receive payment for PPE you sell and fulfill. (See Program FAQs)

The PPE Marketplace: Store.DesignedByUs.org

The PPE Marketplace is designed for people to shop through a wide selection of high quality, sustainable, Personal Protective Equipment. When any person purchases 1 mask, shield of filter, we donate 2 to under served communities. The Marketplace enables Design Corps members to create, manufacture, sell, market and fulfill PPE orders.

All PPE inventory is certified to ensure that WHO and CDC protection sustainability requirements are met and exceeded. DesignedByUs.org reserves the right to reject PPE that does not meet the requirements outlined in the 100M Mask Mayday Design Brief.

If you're a mask maker who is interested in placing your 3D printed or sewn masks, into the PPE Marketplace inventory you must enlist in the Design Corps. Use this form to certify and sell your inventive PPE.

#ProtectedWeRise & #EssentialProfessionals Programs

The Design Corps launched #ProtectedWeRise and #EssentialProfessionals to enable people and businesses with an easy way to get protected and help save lives in LatinX, Black, LGBTQ+, Indigenous, Filipino, Indian, Asian, Women, Disabled, Aging and Veteran communities.

When any person purchases 1 mask, shield, filter or ventilator part, we donate 2 in the purchasers name to organizations listed below in our open source Donee database.

The Design Corps Featured Designs

Explore the inventive personal protection equipment at Store.DesignedByUs.org.

Essential Protection for #EssentialProfessionals

As cities and businesses re-open, the demand for sustainable, protective masks, face shields and filters increases. The Design Corps has launched, Essential Professionals Collection, a bulk buying and volume pricing program for Breathe 3D Masks, Replacement Filters and Face Shields. When any professional or business purchases 1 mask, shield, filter or ventilator part, we donate 2 in the purchasers name to organizations listed in the Donee Database.

The Open Source Donee Database

Working with Circle of Blue on Project Li DesignedByUs.org is using data to identify COVID-19 hotspots across the globe. Partnered with grassroots organizations in the COVID19 hotspots we have begun building a database of organizations who are in need of personal protective equipment.

Our operations, logistics and 3D print studios have launched a PPE request system that acts as an intake database of Healthcare and Public Health, Emergency Services, Food & Agriculture, Energy and Water, Transportation and Logistics, Government Operations and Community Based Functions, Industrial, Commercial and Residential organizations and small businesses who employ and serve the LatinX, Black, LGBTQ+, Indigenous, Filipino, Indian, Asian, Women, Disabled, Aging and Veteran communities.

When any person or business purchases 1 mask, shield, filter or ventilator part, we donate 2 in the purchasers name to organizations listed below:

Donee CategoryDonee OrganizationCityState
Healthcare and Public HealthMonument HealthRapid CitySD
Healthcare and Public HealthHospitality House McLarenFlintMI
Healthcare and Public HealthPenn FoundationSellersvillePA
Healthcare and Public HealthKnapp Center for Biological DiscoveryChicagoIL
Healthcare and Public HealthAsencion HealthTX
Healthcare and Public HealthAlice Reier, MDOaklandCA
Healthcare and Public HealthCasa Verde PediatricsWalnut CreekCA
Healthcare and Public HealthCastro Valley PediatricsHaywardCA
Healthcare and Public HealthCastro-Mission Health CenterSan FranciscoCA
Healthcare and Public HealthCenters for Elders' IndependenceOaklandCA
Healthcare and Public HealthChinatown Public Health CenterSan FranciscoCA
Healthcare and Public HealthCurry Senior CenterSan FranciscoCA
Healthcare and Public HealthEden Medical CenterCastro ValleyCA
Healthcare and Public HealthFremont Healthcare CenterFremontCA
Healthcare and Public HealthGood Samaritan Hospital 3CV East UnitSan JoseCA
Healthcare and Public HealthLaguna Honda HospitalSan FranciscoCA
Healthcare and Public HealthMission Neighborhood Health CentersSan FranciscoCA
Healthcare and Public HealthOakland Healthcare & WellnessSan FranciscoCA
Healthcare and Public HealthSan Francisco New DealSan FranciscoCA
Healthcare and Public HealthSouth Central FoundationAnchorageAK
Native American ReservationLakota TribeSD
Native American ReservationHelping Hands of the Navajo NationTempeAZ
Refugee & Immigrant ServicesRAICESSan AntonioTX
Emergency Services and First RespondersOtter Tail County, Minnesota
Food & AgricultureJustice for Migrant Women
Food & AgricultureFarmworker JusticeWashingtonDC
Food & AgricultureALAS Half Moon BayHalf Moon BayCA
Food & AgricultureNew Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE)New YorkNY
Food & AgricultureLa Union del Pueblo EnteroTX
Food & AgricultureTelamon CorporationMulti State
Food & AgricultureUMOSWI ; MN
Food & AgricultureStudent Action with FarmworkersNC
Food & AgricultureThe United Farm Workers FoundationCA ; WA
Food & AgricultureFarmworker Association of FloridaFL
Food & AgricultureEast Coast Migrant Head Start ProjectMulti State
Food & AgriculturePineros y Campesinos Unidos del NoresteOR
Food & AgricultureCoalition of Florida Farmworker OrganizationsFL
Refugee & Immigrant ServicesLIFEWORKS AUSTINAustinTX
Food & Agriculture#Masks4Farmworkers
This list updates once regional coordinators have obtained specific PPE location details

The PPE Donee Request System

If you or your community is in need of a PPE Donation, please use the PPE Request form to file an donee intake request. Once you have complete it triggers a notification to regional organizers who will contact you to verify data, shipping details and needs.

Make A Donation. Design The Difference.

If you're a philanthropist, giving individual, business or brand who is interested in supporting this program with a donation, contact us. We need 3D Printers, PLA+ and anti-microbial Filament, Sewing Machines, 100% Cotton Fabrics, Cotton Threads and 1/4 and 1/8 elastic.

Donate Media: We also need media donations to increase our reach.

  1. Run, 15 & 30 second internet pre-roll, commercials and videos on your platform or channel.
  2. Feature our #ProtectedWeRise or #EssentialProfessional program in your email campaigns
  3. Include #ProtectedWeRise or #EssentialProfessional program PSA in your podcast or broadcasts.
  4. Invite COVID19 Design Corps Distinguished Designers on to your broadcast.

Contact us to donate equipment, materials or media.

Donate Social Capital: Use your social media following to get the word out about the #100MMaskMayday Studio Program and PPE Marketplace. We have made it simple. Copy, paste, tweet, post and share: 

#ProtectedWeRise: Help us reach our 100M Mask goal. Purchase 1 Mask, @DesignedBy_Us donates 2. https://rb.gy/jgy76p | #PPE #DesignCorps #100MMaskMayday #LearnThroughMaking #Masks4All

Protect #EssentialProfessionals! Help us reach our goal. Purchase 1 Mask, @DesignedBy_Us donates 2. https://rb.gy/jgy76p | #PPE #DesignCorps #100MMaskMayday #LearnThroughMaking #Masks4All

Celebrate & Protect Your Local #EssentialProfessionals! Purchase 1 Mask, @DesignedBy_Us donates 2. https://rb.gy/jgy76p | #PPE #DesignCorps #100MMaskMayday #LearnThroughMaking #Masks4All

We believe everyone deserves protection. Help us reach our 100M Mask goal. Purchase 1 Mask, @DesignedBy_Us donates 2. https://rb.gy/jgy76p | #PPE #DesignCorps #100MMaskMayday #LearnThroughMaking #Masks4All

Support the @DesignedBy_Us #100MMaskMayday Studio Program. Equal the playing field for diverse inventors. Make a donation Today https://rb.gy/ztaitc | #PPEShortage #DesignCorps #100MMaskMayday #LearnThroughMaking #Masks4All 

Help @DesignedBy_Us power under represented communities working in #STEAMD Studio Programs like the #100MMaskMayday. Make a donation today https://rb.gy/ipejgx | #PPEShortage #DesignCorps #100MMaskMayday #LearnThroughMaking #Masks4All 

I stand with @DesignedBy_Us and underrepresented communities working on the #100MMaskMayday #STEAMD Studio Program. Stand with us, make a donation today https://rb.gy/ipejgx | #PPEShortage #DesignCorps #100MMaskMayday #LearnThroughMaking #Masks4All 

#100MMaskMayday 😷 We Need Your Help! Donate equipment, materials, media or money to the #100MMaskMayday #STEAMD Studio Program. Join our fight and make a donation today https://rb.gy/ipejgx | #PPEShortage #DesignCorps  #LearnThroughMaking #Masks4All

Simply, Copy Paste & Share.

Donations Update: 100M Mask Mayday via @https://www.pinterest.com/jpenabickley/

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