The Studio

The Studio is designed to be the built home of the Design Corps and its boot strapped Distinguished Designers and Design Apprentices. Modeled after the Bauhaus 2.0 movement, The Studio will provide a physical and digital maker space architected as a fab lab that equips a new generation of public service designers, civic media makers and technologists a place they can call home.

Our vision is to power a network of public benefit studios in under represented and under invested in communities that create, make and invent products, services and things that will make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone. 

Studio Programs

The Designed By Us™ Studio Programs are being produced to introduce anyone from a underrepresented communitiy to a hands on #S.T.E.A.M.D. (Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Math and Design) education and apprenticeship. The Studio Program is where we use modern design methods and technology to create hands-on learning experiences that immerse, instruct and incubate creative and design talent. Our programing endeavors to shape leaders to deeply understand and solve systemic problems while setting a foundation for design, business, data and tech accumen. This program balances thinking big, artfully inventing the future while cultivating creative and design leaders to deliver results within the constraints of now. 

Studio Store | Opening Fall 2020

Students, apprentices and Destinguished Designers can invent, patent and market their inventions using our Studio Store platform. Profits and proceeds made from inventions, designs and productions of the studio benefit underrepresented communities in the arts by design.


Designed By Us™ Studio Productions & Initiatives

Discover Diversity In Design

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Fund The Future With Us

When you make a donation to the Peña Philanthropy Partners, you are supporting Designed By Us Design Corps initiatives across the globe. The Design Corps' intent is to educate & train designers to lead the fight against extreme poverty, pollution, disease and educational inequity with STEAMD (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math and Design) skills in their communities.

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