The TruthBot Brigade Design Brief

The intent of this Design Brief is to enlist all of humanity to collectively act.
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The May 2018 enactment of GDPR in the EU, The US Senate Intelligence Committee's report on Information Warfare on the electorate and the televised hearings of tech CEOs spotlighting luddite lawmakers in the United States, highlight the importance of design ethics and the need for solutions to stop the disenfranchisement of underrepresented voices continues to grow with a whopping 33,430,000 active conversations in social media. This data compliments the 85% of those consumers who state that that cybersecurity are among the biggest risks facing society. With this data and the current conditions on the ground we could not stand still when we know we have the skill sets to solve the systemic usage of media as a instrument of control and suppression of under represented voices.

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The Design Corps Purpose-Driven Design Intent

The intent of this program is to use civic media and technology to create a white hat bot brigade that will protect underrepresented populations from misinformation campaigns intended to disenfranchise and suppress civic engagement in democracies on earth. 

  1. Create an empathetic Truth Bot that equips humans with truthful information from verified sources to combat Hate based campaigns that disenfranchises people from participating in democracy.
  2. Combat active measures, psychological operations, intended on spreading false information about humans running for public office, election procedures and other civic engagement activities.
  3. Assist social media companies identify and shut down fake accounts or humans acting with malicious or hate based intent.
  4. Assist law enforcement identify humans who are breaking existing laws.
  5. Advocate for laws that protect the citizenry from hate based misinformation campaigns. 
Design Activities
  1. Enlist white hat hackers, fact checkers, data scientist and design technologists develop an open source corpus of truth based information sources.
  2. Using data, content and evidence based arguments, create a bot that responds to human accounts with truth on a specific topic, keywords or trending hashtags. 
  3. Develop an open source database that stores accounts names, URLs and media that can be referenced from any connected device.
  4. Develop a site that is accessible to all communities that serves as the primary guardian angel.
  5. Design a rating and certification system that serties content creators and postings as a historic truthful record.
Measurable Outcomes By Design
  1. Reduce amplification of hate across the globe
  2. Stop the weaponization of social media platforms
  3. Cease the use all forms of media manipulation as a instrument of control and suppresion of under represented voices
  4. Reduce systemic cynicism and apathy in underrepresented communities
  5. Improve the quality of information and data used in reporting for news organizations and independent journalists.
  6. Reduce the divisional effects of user cognitive load for people who depend on social media as news sources.
  7. Hold individuals or groups of humans accountable for spreading false information that is intended to deliberately harm another person or democratic institutions. 
Designed Deliverables
  1. Truth Bot Brigade branded accounts that responds to misinformation with evidence based posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  2. Public web site that allows anyone to track hate based trending topics and accounts
  3. Public open source database of false news sources and accounts
  4. Public ratings and certification system for humans who report data, information, news and create content that serves as a historic record.


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 Distinguished Designer: Joanna Peña-Bickley

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