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What is the relationship between democracy, design, tech, economic,ecological & social justice?

Democracy, design, tech, economic, ecological, and social justice have long shared an open source, principled values, practices, narratives, sites and pedagogies. Designing democracy is a people's first approach to building a world where many worlds fit and are linked by collective liberation and ecological sustainability.

Today, creative and design leaders are playing an urgently important role in designing national, state and city policy and architecting mechanisms that are laying the foundation for a 21st century society. The Designing Democracy studio program invites artists, activists, designers, builders and creators in marginalized communities to explicitly challenge, rather than reproduce, structural inequalities that disenfranchise and suppress civic engagement during the 2020 election season in the largest democracy on earth. 

The Designing Democracy studio program establishes a safe way forward for a people-led approach to doing M.O.R.E. (mass mobilization, organizing communities, registering voters and educating people on the policies impacting their personal lives). 

Mobilize the masses by joining the Design Corps members who are linked in common cause with trusted grassroots social movements and community-based organizations working to ensure safe, equal and equitable access to cast a vote in-person at polling place and vote-by-mail ballots.


Develop and coordinate open-source tools, platforms and mechanisms that create new permanent people-first infrastructure for civic engagement and long-lasting momentum on economic, ecological and social justice.

register voters

Step One: Use this link to make a plan that begins by checking your voter registration status before safely voting in-person at your polling place or voting by mail.

Step Two: If you are unable to safely vote in-person, demand your absentee ballot. Many stares offer fast, free, easy, secure, nonpartisan vote by mail  at https://www.vote.org.

Have you been a convicted of a felony? Visit Restore Your Vote to determine your eligibility to vote.

Are you overseas and or in the military? Visit Overseas Vote Foundation


educate people

We know that Informed citizens are our democracy’s best defense. Use our digital tool kit this election season to educate voters with resources and tools that give them answers to their local problems. 



Psychological operations (PsyOpps) are operations designed to purposefully convey cherry-picked data, information, and indicators to mass audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.  Today adversaries to democracies use conspiracy theories, lies and misinformation campaigns to alter the outcome of an election.

Today, 340M+ people are under attack by foreign state election interference campaigns (information warfare tactics like fake accounts, bots, sock puppets, deep fakes, false advertising, lies, conspiracy theories, social media platform & algorithmic manipulation) and voter intimidation campaigns being used to intentionally cause Voter cognitive overload, distracted fear and confusion among eligible voters. 

The global pandemic, social, economic, ecological unrest has people feeling panicked and scared. Leaders, Influencers, Celebrities and News Media should not perpetuate or share narratives that scare voters from voting-by-mail or in-person. Fear mongering and or inducing worry is a method that will suppress people from voting.

This isn’t just a problem for influencers, media, bloggers, reporters and journalists. The democratization of tech has made us all publishers with an audience. We have a collective responsibility to make sure that what we share is accurate and based on facts. 

Informed citizens are democracy’s best defense

The antidote to PsyOps and Election Interference is making TRUTH open-source, transparent and easy to distribute in all forms of media.


Truth Viral


Calling All Artists:
We Need Your Creativity
That Inspires People To Vote

If you are making assets like posters or social media posts for instagram, twitter, we want to help you connect to millions of voters.  
Click the Share Your Art button to share creativity that inspires people to vote. When you submit your creative assets we will include them in our digital tool kits and social media posts.

Calling All Creative Coders:
Invent Tools That Mobilize The Masses



Use these media assets to encourage people to vote, at a protest on a Poster, or on twitter, and instagram. Simply click on a an image below and right click to download. Want to download them all? + Request Access.


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Aquire new skills in in Bot & Voice Design From the 101s to the tools you need to accelerate your ability to create, test and launch bot applications and voice skills on multiple platforms like Messenger, SMS and Amazon's Alexa.


Plug in, turn on and tune in to our community of a audacious designers, creators and makers.



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