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100M Mask Mayday



100M Mask Mayday

The intent of this public service design brief is to enlist all of humanity to collectively act.
If you want to contribute your talents or help the Design Corps to collectively act Enlist in the Design Corps or contact us.


Having reached a crisis point in the United States and around the world, hospitals, doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and frontline organizations are facing shortages in mission-critical personal protective equiment (PPE) e.g. masks, face shields during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

As states, cities and towns lift shelter in place orders and begin to re-open against the advice of public health professionals, the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise and PPE shortages remain across the globe and more acutely in under funded, impoverished and vulnerable communities.

This Studio Program aims to protect all humans equally in order to decrease the number of human deaths from COVID-19.

Learn More About The Problem:


Protect 100 million people with well designed sustainable, reusable, certified personal protection equipment (PPE) that reduces the spread of COVID-19, decreases PPE pollution on land and oceans, and increases the availability of PPE to healthcare professionals treating patients across the globe.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Improve Human Centric Health Outcomes: Decrease PPS shortages by, creating, registering and distributing 100M sustainable masks to humans around the world.
    1. Reserve single use PPE for healthcare professionals treating COVID-19 and have medical waste disposal proceedures.
    2. Increase the supply of masks with 95% filtration to essential professionals.
    3. Increase the number of people consistently wearing sustainble masks that provide a minimum of 76% filtration.
    4. Reduce the spread of COVID-19 among vulnerable communities
    5. Develop research backed standards, share research results and inform mask making communities with open source design patterns.

  2. Reduce Land and Ocean Pollution: Combat human induced climate change by decreasing illinating Coronavirus waste on land, in waterways and oceans. decrease air polution and carbon emmisions by developing a lateral supply chain network.
    1. Create sustainable PPE products with no less than 76% filtration, using sustainable materials
    2. Launch a framework and platform that enables a decentralized, laternal networks, enable mask designers to ship registered masks to designated destinations.

  3. Ignite Economic Empowerment: Educate, train and invest in womxn, girls and femme allies producting sustainable PPE solutions.
    1. Educate and train 5,000 womxn, girls and femme allies in STEAMD research methods, fashion-tech design, 3D printing and agile manufactering & supply chain skills.
    2. Launch an secure store enabling consumers and professionals to purchase PPE from womxn, girls and femme allies.
    3. Launch an on-demand ordering system and create an interface for procurement and health care professionals to request personal protection masks for their location from womxn, girls and femme allies suppliers.
    4. Fund visionary girls, womxen & femme allies entrepreneurs building sustainable PPE solutions.
    5. Connect trained girls, womxen & femme allies to job opportunities in the global workforce.


  1. Using 3-Layer and 3D Printed open-source mask design patterns, a sewing machine and breathable materials produce sustainable masks for sale and donation.
  2. Using Essential3D patterns, a 3D Printer and antimicrobial PLA Filament produce a sustainable masks, faceshields and goggles for sale and donation.
  3. Design and lauch a mask registry, distribution, and delivery application 
  4. Using a decentralized, laternal networks, enable mask designers to ship registered masks to designated destinations.
  5. Build an on-demand, web page and application for procurement and essential professionals to donation requests masks and track their delivery.
  6. Build a platform for mask makers and designers to share their mask-making tips, register, ship, and track masks.
  7. Design a scalable logistics application for mask makers and designers to ship direct buyers and donees.
  8. Create and launch multiple public service advertising campaigns that educate people on the importance of sustainable PPE usage and social distancing behaviors.


  1. Inform, encourage and enable 100M people to wear sustainable masks and social distance while in public.
  2. Deliver 100M units of sustainable, personal protective equipment (e.g.masks, face shields, goggles ear savers) to essential professionals and under-invested communites e.g. Black, LatinX, Indigenous, LGBTQ+.
  3. Reduce the spread COVID-19 by 85% in underfunded and vulnerable communities. 
  4. Develop enduring, lateral, local supply chain networks that can deliver Personal Protective Equipment to 100M people and reduce carbon emmisions. 
  5. Introduce 5,000 Women & Girls to the global work force with e-commerce, fashion-tech, design, 3D printing and agile manufacturing & supply chain skills.


Deliverables & Impact

  • Sustainable Product Design: 100 Million sustainable, certified masks, face shields, ear savers, goggle & ventilator parts.
  • Platform Design: Secure PPE Marketplace
  • Marketing & Advertising: A public service campaign that persuades people to lead, influence and protect their communities to by wearing sustainable PPE when you leave your home.
    • On Television & Streaming Platforms
    • In Print & Outdoor Media
    • In Social Media  
      • #ProtectedWeRise
      • Masked Leaders Love
      • Masked Heroes / Sheroes / Theroes 
      • #MaskUp & March
      • #1Girl1Mask

Make A Donation
& Save Lives 

All proceeds from donations ensures that mask making equipment, materials and technology platforms remain open-source, sustainable, secure and private by design.
Your cash donations secure the fair and equal compensation for research & design apprentices working on this studio program.

Sustainable Business Model Canvass

  1. Under funded communities do not have access or buying power to protect essential proffesionals and people in their communities from COVID19.
  2. The increased demand for PPE has exposed deficiencies in supply chains and logistics systems making timelines to healthcare companies and consumers over 100+ days. 
  3. Disposable PPE is causing a 52% increase in refuse polution and millions of dollars in increased expenses to companies.
  4. Politically polarized Americans are divided over wearing face masks. In general, people do not like to be told what to do - if a person was told not to eat cake at a birthday party, they may seek to restore their freedom directly by doing the forbidden act. 
Human Centered Solutions & Customer-Centered Goals
  1. Gorge, a construction professional can locate a mask that fits him and have it delivered in 24 hours or less.
  2. Marsha, a healthcare procurement professional can find sustainable (resuable) masks and shields for her practice that reduces PPE costs and have it delivered in 1 week or less. 
  3. Maria, an essential professional can request a PPE donation for her organization and have it delierved in 1 week or less.
  4. Rachel, a mask maker sheltering at home can make masks, certify, post and sell her sustainable masks, shields and ear savers in a PPE marketplace in 30 mins or less. 
  5. Nikie, a design student, can set up a 3D print studio and print, sell and distribute sustainable masks, shields and ear savers to customers and donees in 1 week or less.
  6. Mariana, a seamstress can download a design pattern, sew, certify and sell her masks to her community and around the globe in 1 week or less.
  7. Seda, a girl in a refugee camp or impoverished community, can learn to design, make and sell substainable, 3-layered and 3D printed masks, goggles and faceshields to her community in 1 week of less.
  8. Petra, a women in an impoverrished community, can connect to the internet, set up an online marketplace for her community to sell and distribute substainable, 3-layered and 3D printed masks, goggles and faceshields to her community in 1 week of less.
Key Metrics & Program Goals
  1. Increase the number of people wearing sustainable 3-Layer or 3D Printed masks with minimum 70% filtration
  2. Increase the number PPE units (e.g. Face Masks, Shields, Ear Savers, Goggle and Ventilator Parts) produced
  3. Increase the number of sustainable PPE units delivered
  4. Increase the number of sustainable PPE units donated
  5. Increase the number of people protected with a focus on underfunded communities.
  6. Reduction of COVID-19 spread in vulnerable communities.
  7. Reduction of COVID-19 deaths in vulnerable communities.
  8. Reduction of coronavirus waste is pollution on land and in oceans.
  9. Increase the number of women & girls STEAMD entrepreneurs designing, producing, selling PPE to communities in need.
Unique Value Propositions

Social Giving Made Simple: When anyone purchases 1 mask, we donate 2 units of PPE to vulnerable communities and underfunded orgranizations.

Priority Human, Constituents & Customer Segments
  1. Essential Professionals
  2. Service Professionals
  3. Aging Seniors
  4. Health conscious consumers
  5. DIY Makers
  6. Local Governments
  7. At risk Women & Girls, Black, LatinX, Indigenous, LGBTQ+ and Homeless communities
  • Web & Mobile
  • Social Media
  • Connected Devices with Alexa, Hey Google and 
  • Pop-ups at communal spaces
Cost Structures
  1. Labor
  2. Materials 
  3. Operations & Logistics
  4. Pulic Service Marketing & Advertising
Funding & Revenue Sources
  1. Mask Sales
  2. Cash Donations
  3. Volunteers
  4. Equipment & Material Donations
  5. Media Impressions Donations

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