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Launch: 100M Mask Mayday

March 23, 2020
9 min read

The Distinguished Designers in the Design Corps have marshaled the resources from the from across the world to produce quality PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like face masks. After launching the #MillionMaskMayday design brief and patterns using World Health Organization (WTO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) specified materials and assembly standards, the Design Corps began designing masks because we believe everyone deserves protection from COVID-19, Corona Virus and the flu.

To ensure the quality of every mask, the Design Corps used the WTO and CDC standard of 3-layers requirement in it's design brief and has set up an online inspection of masks prior to listing them in the Studio PPE / Pandemic-wear marketplace.

Powering Under Represented Voices
We are committed to investing in our under represented communities like Women, Aging, LGBTQ+, Black, LatinX, Asian, Indigenous, Disabled and Veteran designers, makers, seamstress, inventors and creators.  Our product, business and finance team have worked to ensure that the Design Corps members have a safe, sustainable method of operations. We have stood up a business model to ensure all mask makers are compensated for labor and materials costs as DesignedByUs.org is fully committed to the WTO Fair Trade Principles and Codes of Practice

Business Model Details
According to our Design Corps mask designers it takes approximately 2 hours to create (5) 3-layer Masks. On average 1 yard of fabric = (5) 3-layer medium masks. We are paying Design Corps seamstress, mask makers and designers $18.00 per mask. 

Are you a mask maker, designer or seamstress?
If you are a mask maker interested in selling your masks, enlist in the Design Corp Studio Program #MillionMaskMayday. You must be an enlisted member of the Design Corps to sell in the Studio Store and receive compensation for your hard work. Once you have enlisted in the Design Corps and received your member number, and made your masks, we inspect and place them into our inventories with pick up and shipping instructions.

If you are enlisted in the Design Corps and you are interested in placing your masks in our PPE / Pandemic Wear marketplace use this link to certify and place your masks into our inventory.

Why should you list your masks in our PPE Marketplace?
DesignedByUs.org is designing a friction free ecosystem and global distribution network with mechanisms that control quality to ensure masks get to essential workers, frontline and healthcare heroes. The Design Corps has enlisted operations and supply chain experts from Amazon and Alibaba to create a database of non-for-profit, field and hospital systems, nursing homes, grocery stores, delivery services and shelters so that masks donations can be tracked straight to the front lines. 

100M Mask Mayday Program Links

Support & Invest In Diversity in STEAMD!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) / Pandemic Wear marketplace?
A: The PPE / Pandemic wear marketplace is a section of the studio store where anyone can purchase personal protective equipment that adheres to the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization published standards.  Today, Masks are available. However, we intend to launch studio programs for gowns, shields, and gloves.

Q: Why are masks at a 30.00 & 66.00 Price Price Point?
A: Designed By Us believes that at a time when many are unemployed and on bread lines, we should not be asking mask makers to donate their time. We should in fact be responsible to all communities and offer a living wage for their creativity and passion. We are compensating mask makers $18.00 per mask for their time and materials.

The $30.00 & $66.00 price points include the donation of 1 mask you have purchased and 2 that are donated in your name.

Q: How are masks delivered to essential workers, frontline and healthcare professionals?
A: DesignedByUs.org has built a database of not-for-profit organizations, hospital systems, field hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores, and delivery services and shelters. This database is designed to track demand and delivery of masks donation to the front lines.

Q: What is the Design Corps?
A: The DesignedByUs.org Design Corps is an innovative, transformative organization providing design, engineering  and creative solutions to customers worldwide. Our network of designers, producers, researchers, and creators are delivering positive impacts for today and tomorrow.  Working as a Design Corps member means making a direct contribution to public service and civic design initiatives overseas and in the United States, developing technology and systems that improve the lives of under-represented, under-invested communities, providing disaster relief, and protecting and enhancing the environment and the local economies. It’s an exciting time to be a Design Corps member. We offer challenging professional, technical and administrative assignments in the U.S. and abroad—each building on a strong tradition of public service and civic design.

Q: How do I enlist in the Design Corps?
A: You can enlist in the Design Corps at this Web Address: https://designedbyus.org/design-corps. All design corps members, apprentices and distinguished designers fill out an application and are invited to an interview with a Distinguished Designer. If your application is accepted, then our design operations team sets you up as an independent contractor or vendor team of contractors. Once this is complete you will receive a Design Corps ID Number via email and mail. 

Q: How do Design Corps Members serve?
A: Once you become an apprentice in the Design Corps, you can select a Studio Program to take part in. Studio Programs are listed on this web pagehttps://designedbyus.org/studio-2

Q: What if I am a mask maker, designer or seamstress that has not enlisted in the Design Corps?
A: All mask makers that want to sell masks in the studio store must enlist in the Design Corps.  This allows our operations team to set you or your company up in our vendor management systems. Enlisting has many benefits and takes less than 5 minutes.

  1. Step One: Enlist in the Design Corps 
    [Web Address: https://designedbyus.org/design-corps]
    1. 5-7 Days to your Design Corps ID Number & Welcome Email
  2. Step Two: Read and Follow 100M Mask Mayday Design Brief [Web Address:https://designedbyus.org/project/100-mask-mayday]
  3. Step Three: Make your 3-layer or 6-layer masks.
  4. Step Four: Submit your masks for certification, inventory controls & pick up [web form] https://designedbyus.typeform.com/to/hAkiAP 
  5. Step Five: Once approved, view your mask in the PPE / Pandemic-wear marketplace [Web page: https://store.designedbyus.org/collections/pandemic-wear/masks]
    1. Sample Product Page: [Web Page: https://store.designedbyus.org/collections/pandemic-wear/products/covid-19-masks]
  6. Step Six: Promote your product page link in social media e.g. facebook, instagram or twitter and email. Remember to tag Designed By Us! We will help promote your tweet when you do. 

Q: What if I’m already enlisted in the Design Corps?
A: There are five steps to getting your mask listed and selling at the studio store.

  1. Step One: Read and Follow 100M Mask Mayday Design Brief 
    [Web Address:https://designedbyus.org/project/100-mask-mayday]
  2. Step Two: Make your 3-layered masks in accordance with the DBU pattern and sizes
  3. Step Three: Submit your masks for certification, inventory controls & pick up [web form] https://designedbyus.typeform.com/to/hAkiAP 
  4. Step Four Once mask design is approved, view your mask in the PPE / Pandemic-wear marketplace 
    [Web page: https://store.designedbyus.org/collections/pandemic-wear/masks]
    1. Sample Product Page
      [Web Page: https://store.designedbyus.org/collections/pandemic-wear/products/covid-19-masks]
  5. Step Five: Promote your product page link in social media e.g. facebook, instagram or twitter and email. Remember to tag Designed By Us! We will help promote your tweet when you do. 

Q: How does a mask maker ship their masks to DBU consumers?
A: An email will be sent from orders@designedbyus.org when an orders is received. The email will contain a packing slip, customer care instructions, order details e.g. Size, SKU and QTY and a printable shipping label. 

Q: How should I fulfill my mask order?
A:  Depending the the QTY ordered you can get free shipping envelopes at USPS.com or request low or no cost shipping envelopes or containers from UPS or FedEx. 

Q: What are best practices for fulfilling orders?
A: Place the mask in a plastic bag or wrap it in tissue paper. Print out mask care instructions and packing slip.  Consider writing or printing a thank you note.  Place everything in an envelope or box, carefully tape it closed, and affix the shipping label on to the front of the envelope or top of the box.

Q: How can I get my orders delivered to DBU Customers?
A:  Once you have packaged your order, print the shipping label and affix it to the package. Orders that use UPS and FedEx will be picked up from your location the following business day. If the customer has selected United States Postal Services (USPS), you can place your envelope or box  shipment in your outgoing mail box or take it to the nearest USPS post office. 

Q: How can I get help shipping my masks?
A: Email 100MMaskShipping@designedbyus.org with your questions

Q: How are Design Corps members compensated?
A: When store.designedbyus.org receives a your inventory submission, masks are inspected, and when they pass inspection, they will be listed at https://store.designedbyus.org/collections/pandemic-wear and promoted. When your mask(s) are sold, and we have confirmation of the shipment, you will be compensated $18.00 USD per mask.

Q: Where can I get help with my order?
A: You can email us at store@designedbyus.org or use this chatbot to help you find the status of your order.

Q: What is the PPE / Pandemic-wear return policy?
A: Due to the purpose of what PPE is used for, we are do not accept returns or exchanges for these items. All sales are final.

Q: How do I know what size masks people wear?
A: We use the following specifications for DBU Masks:

  • X-SMALL (toddler/child) 
    • 3.5” Width
    • 4.25” Nose-Chin
    • 2.5” Ribbon Seam 
    • 6” Long Ribbon or ⅛” elastic should be 4” Long Max
    • 4” Width
    • 5” Nose-Chin
    • 3” Ribbon Seam 
    • 10” Long Ribbon or ⅛” elastic should be 5” Long Max
    • 4.25” Width
    • 5.5” Nose-Chin
    • 3.25” Ribbon Seam
    • 10”  Long Ribbon or ⅛” elastic should be 5” Long Max
    • 5” Width
    • 6” Nose-Chin
    • 3.5” Ribbon Seam
    • 10” Long Ribbon or ⅛” elastic should be 5” Long Max
    • 5.25” Width
    • 6.75” Nose-Chin
    • 4” Ribbon Seam
    • 10” Long Ribbon or ⅛” elastic should be 5” Long Max
Launch: 100M Mask Mayday via @https://www.pinterest.com/jpenabickley/

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