Join The Design Corps offers a low cost Design Corps memberships accessible regardless of your income. If you identify womxn, girl or fierce femme ally who dares to design a better future today, we want you!

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Design Corps Membership Details

As an Design Corps member you get:

A Lateral Professional Network

+ Connect with like-minded girls, womxn and fierce femme allies in all fields of S.T.E.A.M.D.

+ Access professional mentors and internships, apprenticeships and job opportunities.

+ Professional portfolio reviews and reccomendations for imporvement.

+ Discounted tickets to tech, creative, design, media and entertainment industry conferences.

+  Invitations to Studio Program Workshops & Solution Summits.

FutureSkills Curriculum & Training

+ Web, Mobile & Virtual Reality curriculum in human-computer interaction, visual, voice, gesture and sensory interface coding and design, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and robotics, tangible media, material science and 3D printing, space exploration and Astropreneurship, civic systems, public service and policy, communications, and entrepreneurship. 

+  Discounted Masterclass subscriptions

+ Professional development, mentors and access to job opportunities

+ Confidence coaching and interview skills preparation.

Economic Empowerment

+ Seed funding & investment in visionary girls, womxen & femme ally entrepreneurs building 21st century, market making communications, energy and mobility products and services.

+ Protection and promotion of service and product inventions.

+ Girls, womxn and femme Allies marketplace platforms.

+ Girls womxn and femme Allies supply chains.

Sponsorship In To Leadership Roles

+ Inclusion in the Design Corps member directory, studio programs and media.

+ Active promotion in media, newsletters, podcasts and events.

+ Invitations to industry conferences, open meetings, studio programs, recruitment events, breakfast & cocktail receptions.

+ 10% off all merchandise at and with partner organizations.


The Design Corps Application

Using the application below, apply for membership today. Save up to 17% when you purchase a yearly membership!  Having problems viewing the application form? Click Here.

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The and The Design Corps reserves the right to decline membership for any individual or group.


Explore Public Service Design
& Civic Tech Studio Programs

BreatheStat Cloud
Project Li
Earth Speaks
Climate Corps
100M Mask Mayday Design Brief
Project ConSensual
Social Sex
Designing Democracy
Audio and video series
Civic Media
Studio Kakuma
Studio Design
Studio Harlem
Audio and Video Series
Civic Media
Bot & Studio Masterclass

This bot & voice design masterclass takes you through the 101 of Bot & Voice Design to accelerates your ability to create bot applications and voice skills on multiple platforms like Facebook Messenger, SMS, Web and Amazon's Alexa.

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Plug in, turn on and tune in to our community
of a audacious designers, creators and makers.


When you make a donation, you are supporting the Studio Programs, Scholarships and The Design Corps, a diverse community of changemakers who deliver design, engineering & creative solutions that make the world work for 100% of humanity. 

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