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Design Corps 
Code Of Ethics

As a Member of The Academy of Design Professionals we have pledged to uphold, promote, and uncompromisingly adhere to the standards set forth in The Academy's Code of Professional Conduct.
As such, The Designed By Us, Design Corps and The Academy of Design Professionals represents some of the most responsible and competent professionals in the design world.




Design professionals have certain fundamental obligations to society, to clients, to the profession, and to peers and colleagues. The Code of Professional Conduct states guidelines and rules for the conduct of design professionals in fulfilling those obligations.

The Code is arranged in three tiers of statements: Canons, Ethical Standards, and Rules of Conduct.

  • Canons are broad principles of conduct.

  • Ethical Standards are more specific goals to which design professionals should aspire in professional performance and behavior.

  • Rules of Conduct (Rule) are mandatory; violation of a Rule is grounds for dismissal from The Academy. Rules, in some instances, implement more than one canon or ethical standard.

The Code applies to the professional activities of all categories of design professionals, across the many industry disciplines. Membership in The Academy of Design Professionals is voluntary. By accepting membership, a designer assumes an obligation of self discipline above and beyond the requirements of laws and regulations.

Compliance with the Code, as with all law and rules in an open society, depends primarily upon understanding and voluntary compliance, secondarily upon reinforcement by peer and public scrutiny, and finally, when necessary, upon enforcement through disciplinary action against members who fail to comply with the Rules. The Code does not, however, exhaust the moral and ethical considerations that should inform a design professional, for no worthwhile human activity can be completely defined by laws or rules. Even so, the Code is wholly concerned with ethical constraints for professionalism; the Rules are not compromised by elements concerning social agendas or activism, but simply provide a moral and rational framework for the ethical practice of design.

Where it appears, commentary is meant to clarify or elaborate the intent of a rule. The commentary is not part of the Code and is included to assist those seeking to conform their conduct to the Code.

This Code is intended to promote the highest quality of practice in all forms of design and to strengthen public confidence in the profession. Toward that end, The Academy of Design Professionals sets forth the following.

Whereas design professionals have certain fundamental obligations to society, to clients, to the profession, and to peers and colleagues, and…

Whereas in order to meet these obligations, design professionals should conform their practice according to specific moral ideals and ethical practices,

We, The members of The Design Corps, hereby pledge our dedication to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence in design and design tech practice and promise to uphold the spirit and letter of the Code of Professional Conduct through consistent practice and habitual reflection on our actions.


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Plug in, turn on and tune in to our community of a audacious designers, creators and makers.



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